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Hello Everyone!

I recently started using a product/plugin for photoshop and lightroom called Sleeklens. If you spend alot of time in front of the computer editing photos like I do it is always helpful to find a faster way of doing things. This is where Sleeklens comes into play, they have created actions that you can plug directly into your photoshop that will ease the setup for you editing and time you spend editing each photo by minutes! When you edit thousands of photos a year this comes down to a huge time savings.

In the past I have always been hesitant to invest into a product that I am not familiar with thinking that it will make my images look just like everyone elses. The thing with Sleeklens is that they have alot of creative unique looks to bring to your images as well and they know quite a few more tricks than I do that I haven’t had time to invest in figuring it out myself. As I continue my journey into my photography career I often find myself short of that time needed to explore in the editing side of photography and this product provides that while still making it feel like my own as everything is customizable and adjustable, this just increases the opportunity to create your own unique look. It does take some time to adjust out of your normal workflow which was my main struggle with starting to use the product. Give it some time though as breaking old habits can sometimes be very beneficial to your final product.

So in conclusion, if you are looking to save some time while still having a beautiful finished product I highly recommend you go check out https://sleeklens.com/ and see for yourself what I am talking about. I don’t think you will be disappointed and it really is an investment into your future and business.

I have also attached an image to the blog that shows you some of the capabilities of the product in just a few short minutes of time.




You can check them out by using the following links!

Thanks, John