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Why should I hire a professional photographer? Part I

With the overpopulation of digital cameras out there today it is hard to justify spending a good chunk of money on your wedding portraits. Here  are a few reasons  why you should consider hiring  a seasoned pro vs. the friend.

Photography is no different from many occupations, there are tools and training involved. With that said, a camera is what allows us to capture an image. It is nothing more than a tool, much like a wrench or a saw or many other tools. It is in the hands of the right person that a tool is able to accomplish a task. A “nice” camera means absolutely nothing without training and experience.

The number one most important thing about any form of photography is good lighting, not only having good lighting but knowing how to capture it correctly by manually entering in the camera settings instead of letting the camera try to guess at what the exposure should be. To often I see “photographers” disregarding lighting completely and looking for that beautiful background. The lighting should flatter the subject and have them looking their best. A background for me is something that I look for after I’ve found “the light”.